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The Best Cosmetic make-up Products

One thing that women are most passionate about is looking beautiful. Quality make up adds charm to the personality of a woman. Whether going out for casual hangouts or for parties or for date or simply to the workplace, they want to be in their best look always. While all facial features work in unity to enhance the beauty, most part of the beauty is constituted by eyes.

Make-up for eyes is not meant just to highlight them but to beautify them as well. Beautiful eyes complete most part of the facial make-up. Beautipop is an online store that provides a huge collection of cosmetic make-up products for women. The collection includes eyelashes, eye make-up products, and facial make up products from a number of brands. please visit

Steroid Use In Pro Sports

The use of steroids in pro sports can only be estimated, but it’s evident in most major sports from the NFL, Baseball to Wrestling and Olympic events including the track and field. There will also be one athlete willing to take the risks associated with their use, be it a punishment/banning or side effects when steroids are used.

If you look back through the past Olympics, there has almost always been at least one incident of illegal steroid use in sports. Ben Johnson was banned for testing positive for Winstrol (Stanozolol)and stripped of his 100m gold medal back in 1988 and there have been more recent incidents involving banning’s when the use of THG (Tetrahydrogestrinone) has been used. THG was developed by Victor Conte and chemist Patrick Arnold at BALCO. Such cases are Tim Montgomery and Dwain Chambers in athletics. Its not just the Olympics though, cyclists have been banned for testing positive for EPO and other performance enhancing drugs and so have NFL and Baseball athletes.

Because anabolic steroids offer such distinct advantages over other competitors the rewards outweigh the risks in some. Increasing stamina and speed are two of the most prevalent gains when administering these compounds, so it’s obvious to see why athletes take these risks. Read the rest of this entry »