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Tips for Airbrush Makeup Application

The Growing Popularity of Airbrush Makeup

Many brides are choosing to have airbrush makeup applied to their faces on their big day. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are wearing airbrush makeup to red carpet events. Why are these gorgeous women choosing more and more to have airbrush makeup applied to their faces? Simple. Makeup applied with an airbrush looks much more flawless and has a more even finish.

This type of application allows the products to last for many hours, and is usually much longer-lasting than other types of makeup application. It’s a sanitary way to apply cosmetics, since no makeup tools ever make contact with the skin.

How is Makeup Applied With an Airbrush?

A special type of foundation makeup is combined with some water, and then sprayed on the face with a specialized wand. The finish you get is even, sheer and seemingly flawless. This type of makeup application method allows the use of less foundation, which is much better for the skin and actually looks much more natural.
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